Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Remodeling

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Remodeling

Your bathroom remodel is a chance to display your unique style and taste in one of the most intimate and customizable rooms in your house. Often times, the key piece bringing that whole room together is the vanity. While utility and function obviously serve their places in the bathroom, they can’t stop you from spicing up the atmosphere with one-of-a-kind design and ambiance. Your bathroom might be a place a relaxation—an at home spa where you can enjoy a steamy bath and a glass of wine. Maybe it’s more of an in-and-out destination for you; a place to cleanse and properly start and finish your day. Regardless of what your bathroom means to you, it is apart of your everyday life. You might as well make the most out of it.

Designing a room around your bathroom vanity as a centerpiece can ensure a cohesive and personal atmosphere. It’s a chance to create a dream-like, rejuvenating paradise, or an efficient and uniformly functioning space. No matter your personality or needs, the right vanity ideas and designs can transform your bathroom experience.

Finding the right idea will be determined by a few important factors. Let’s take a deep dive into what exactly makes the perfect idea, and which one is going to be right for you.

The Remodeling Process: It All Starts with the Vanity

Whether you are remodeling the entire bathroom, or just looking for a vanity replacement, it’s important to consider the functionality of your desired vanity first and foremost. Your specific home and lifestyle will determine what kind of everyday use your vanity will have. The type of bathroom will also play a part in determining the vanity’s functionality. Is it a full or half bath? How frequently is the bathroom used? Is it a guest bathroom? Master bath? Form follows function, so these are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself before purchasing a vanity and completing your remodel. Also consider aspects like storage space, counter space, and number of sinks.

Now that the boring part is out of the way, let’s talk style. While your choice in design is ultimately up to you, the type of bathroom you are remodeling should still be considered. If you are remodeling your own private or master bathroom, then you shouldn’t worry a whole lot about designing a space that everyone can use. That room is your room, and you should make it as fitting to you as you can. However, if you’re remodeling the guest bathroom or commonly used powder room, you might find it better to style the room in a way that everyone can enjoy.

A Spacious Oasis

If the room’s layout and your bathroom needs allow for it, consider a spacious design to open up the atmosphere. While a bathroom can often feel cramped with only enough space to complete the necessities, giving yourself the room to breath in that same space can be incredibly transformative.

Your choice in vanity or vanities can prove to be remarkably helpful in opening up the space even more. No matter the overall size of your bathroom, we recommend some kind of choice in the realm of single sink vanities. Specifically, a set of two matte white sink vanities are usually best suited for the spacious style. This will give the look of both space and class. Depending on the room’s color scheme, these vanities can often meld into the background, making the room appear even more open than it actually is.


This design is all about comfortable maneuverability. The vanity set goes extremely well with a freestanding double ended stone tub, transforming your room into an at home spa. In choosing this kind of style, you can rest assured you’ll feel as relaxed and alleviated as you would on a tropical vacation.

Overall, it’s a remodel designed for commodious functionality, best suited for a master bathroom or a luxurious guest bathroom experience.

Blue and Bold

For as long as we’ve had indoor plumbing, the color blue has gone hand-in-hand with bathroom design. We’ve seen all kinds of color combinations, from solid sky-blue walls to navy accents in curtains, floor mats, and even the crown molding. It also isn’t uncommon to throw on a vibrant blue and white wallpaper. The color blue has been known to evoke feelings of calmness and serenity, the perfect emotions to pair with any bathroom in your house.

Going along with the color scheme of this style, we recommend a dark blue solid wood sink vanity with marble top. It makes the perfect centerpiece of any guest or master bath, and is small enough to smoothly fit in with most powder rooms. The one we’ve linked above comes with a matching 30-inch-wide mirror and enough cabinetry space to fit all of your extra toiletries, healthcare products, and bathroom supplies.

The bright colors of this design and peaceful emotions make for the ideal combination if you’re remodel vision has anything to do with starting and ending the perfect day. The best part about the blue color choice is that you get the same tranquil effect with any shade or scheme. There isn’t a better way to calm and clear your mind, while also successfully crafting an efficiently functioning bathroom.


A lifestyle choice and growing personality trait that has seen more and more traction in recent years is minimalism. The concept applies to every area of life, but can be especially useful in the world of home design. It can help get the most out of a space by uncluttering rooms with unnecessary décor. Despite the opinions of some who take a minimalist style to conceive bleak and harsh living environments, it can do a lot as far as bathroom ideas are concerned.

The ultimate purpose of a bathroom is one of hygiene and cleanliness. The minimalist design can bring in streamlined style and balanced accents. Many would argue there isn’t a style out there that better matches a bathroom’s functional purpose.

The minimalist style usually means solid color schemes with shades of white or grey. It isn’t uncommon for the entire bathroom to be white, giving the room an uncluttered, marbled look. There are a number of vanities that would fit well with this style, but ideally you want something with straight lines, solid colors, and simple hardware. As we mentioned earlier, a matte white single sink vanity can do wonders to melt in with the background, especially if you are going for the same effect with the rest of the room. If your bathroom has a multi-color scheme, consider a vanity of Westchester grey to continue the contrasting color combination.


If you have the time and energy, there is no reason to stop the remodel after you find the perfect vanity. Adding a white acrylic rectangular Whirlpool tub, and some subtle chrome light fixtures will allow you to keep your minimalist style in-tact, but also give you the chance to treat yourself every once in a while.  Anybody that’s been in a Whirlpool before knows just how rejuvenating the experience can be. As the minimalist style is all about clean lines, closely related colors, and geometric forms, this tub makes for the perfect addition.

Whether you consider yourself to be a minimalist already, or find yourself on the verge of becoming one, this choice in design can do wonders for your bathroom’s functionality. It promotes the organization and uncluttered look that many people seek.

Rustic Farmhouse

Another concept within all of home décor gaining popularity in recent times is rustic farmhouse. This style allows for a wide variation in taste and color choice. A rustic farmhouse bathroom renovation would result in an atmosphere that is both cozy and relaxing. It’s a modernized, slightly urban take on the cottage/country cabin style that’s been popularized throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

What’s cool about this style is that it’s material sources often make for an affordable and crafty remodel experience. Many people enjoy hunting down weathered barn wood and repurposing it as shiplap or accent décor. Like most styles, there are a variety of vanities that would fit well. But we recommend a wood sink vanity with matching marble top. The wooden cabinetry pairs well with any shiplap wall design or farmhouse wallpaper and provides more than enough storage space.

If you are looking for a tub that goes with nearly all rustic styles, try a free standing clawfoot tub with brushed nickel finish. The color itself is rustic in every sense of the word, and the clawed feet will give your bathroom just enough fancy style to standout.

Whether your home is located out in the countryside or right in the heart of the big city, a rustic farmhouse style can bring back the grounded, homey, and nostalgic feelings of childhood. It’s a great remodel idea for anyone who’s looking for that exposed, raw look.

A Black and White Contrast

Cousin to the minimalist design, is the simple black and white color scheme. It’s a combination that never goes out of style. The white, of course, brings feelings of fresh cleanliness, while the black makes for a sharp visually pleasing contrast. Also popular to incorporate with the rustic look, a black and white design makes for a sleek and modern bathroom feel.

The style works well with any patterned flooring or hexagonal tiles. For your vanity centerpiece, we recommend solid white cabinetry with a glossy, black marble top. This kind of vanity design fits seamlessly with any black and white remodel, allowing for a clear and airy atmosphere.

This remodel idea can be elegant or contemporary, and sometimes both at the same time. Interior designers have proved black and white doesn’t have to be boring, it can add both sophistication and simplicity without compromising on any of the bathroom’s functional purposes. It’s a choice that anyone looking for brilliant color contrast should consider.

Chic and Antique

As we are sure you are well aware, antique doesn’t mean outdated. It’s a timeless style incorporated in one way or another in many people’s home design. The first thing, in regard to bathroom design, that most people think of when they hear the word “antique” is a vintage clawfoot bathtub. It was the quintessential look of the late 19th and early 20th century bathroom. We recommend a double ended clawfoot tub, with polished chrome finished. The polished feet will bring back the cast-iron look of days’ past, and the spacious tub itself will have you swimming in a luxurious antique atmosphere.


For this style, a simpler vanity is best. Secure a vintage atmosphere with a quaint weathered gray sink vanity. Made from hardwoods like polar or hickory, these vanities often came with intricate design work on the legs and hardware. While you lose a little storage space going with a smaller vanity, you gain that antique feel. It’s the perfect final piece to complete your chic and vintage style. To guarantee there are no missing touches in this design, think about pairing the centerpiece with a matching weathered gray mirror.

If you’re somebody with an old soul, or find yourself inspired by the Victorian era fashion and home décor, don’t be afraid to go with an antique design. You might just find yourself turning your bathroom into a timeless masterpiece.


Conclusion: Make Your Style Stand Out

While we have made a number of suggestions here, your style is still your style. If you feel yourself pulled in multiple directions, don’t be afraid to infuse aspects of one style with another. Bathroom renovation can feel overwhelming at times because there are a lot of choices to make. Choosing a vanity first, and designing the rest of the room around it, can make the rest of the remodel a lot easier. In the end, every decision is yours, but don’t be afraid to reach out to experts for more tips or to confirm an idea you already had in mind.

Regardless of where you stand in the renovation process right now, we hope you feel a little better about the whole thing after considering these ideas. Remodeling shouldn’t be scary, it should be exciting. Now is the chance to express your artistic and inventive side. Be bold and design the bathroom you’ve always wanted.